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The Mural
Creating the Mural
The Opening Event
What people said
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BRISTOL (2 murals - 2012 & 2021)
1. Mural with disabled asylum seekers 2012
2. Easton Mural, bringing together Deaf, Disabled and Asylum seeking people 2021

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The Mural
Creating the Mural
The Opening Event
What people said
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Transcription of Disability Murals' video from Frome

A woman and a man are painting the detail of a brightly coloured mural on a table. The mural is of a person in wheel-chair- painted all in pink, with an orange band of colour surrounding them. The background is sky blue and yellow. The woman painting has brown hair tied back in a pony tail and is wearing a black top. The man has short dark hair and is wearing a green t-shirt, they are both wearing aprons.

The video now cuts to show more groups of people painting the mural.

The video now cuts to the opening of the mural. It is a sunny summers day.The mural is complete and has a ribbon across it. A microphone is in front of the mural for people to use when they are addressing the crowd.

NEW SPEAKER; Tim-Lumley Smith (Tim is wearing glasses and a suit, speaking into the microphone): We started last year with a 3 day workshop discussing what our hopes and dreams were and what our barriers were. And then we did some paintings and drew our ideas; we put all our ideas in a design.

NEW SPEAKER; Robin Meader (Robin is wearing a red football shirt speaking into the microphone): I'd just like to say that all the work we have done towards this memorial all has a meaning for people like us - people with learning problems, and it will become a brilliant piece of work for the public and everybody in the park to send a really good message to everybody that is working with us in the community. The message is all about - when you look at the first picture it shows you about people on residential holidays, what they really enjoy about it and what they really enjoy the most is like spending time by the sea, there are shots of that mural and people walking by it) the second picture is the barriers which tells you all about the things that stand in our way. (the camera cuts away to shots of the mural he is describing)

NEW SPEAKER; Rebecca Yeo (Rebecca is wearing a green shirt and a blue skirt, she is speaking into the microphone) The disabled people's movement has been pushing for years for disabled people to have more control over their own lives and to make their own choices. So for this project we have been using art as a way of people getting their message across and working out what people's priorities are.

NEW SPEAKER; Rebecca Gale (Rebecca is a young woman who is wearing a black sweatshirt - she is pointing at the mural of a picture of her face, smiling and speaking into the microphone)That picture is me and me being happy because I could go home, (she is pointing to the mural showing her being unhappy) and that picture is me being unhappy because I couldn't go home, because I like going home and seeing my family.

NEW SPEAKER; Nicola Groves (Nicola gas jaw length brownish hair and is speaking to the crowd watching the opening now. She is wearing a black t-shirt and silver earrings, necklace and bangles) For everybody with learning disabilities there are too few buses, they take too long to get to where you want to go and transport is expensive. People are having to rely on taxis and there is no money to fund that, particularly if we lose the mobility section of disability living allowance for people living in residential homes. That's going to really leave people isolated. So open storytellers have written the Somerset County Council Transport Blues. Which goes like this. Do join in.

(A group of adults including Robin, Tim and Nicola sing the song) NEW SPEAKERS: Woke up this morning, tried to get to work, but the bus had gone, so I went berserk, it takes two hours from Glastonbury to Frome, it takes too long...

NEW SPEAKER; David Heath MP (David has short brown hair and a beard and is wearing a grey suit. He is speaking into the microphone) Great to be here, great to see what's been done which I think is absolutely fantastic, I like the fact it's talking about good thing the things that people like doing the things that people want to do, but also the barriers that get in the way; and it always worries me when people talk about the disabled as though that was a group of people who were all the same and all had the same ideas and all had the same problems, when that's not true. People with disabilities have all sorts of different things that they want to do and different problems in doing those things - and what's more they're part of our community and we're all part of that community and I think it's very important that we remember that.

NEW SPEAKERS: Katie Branch, Vicki Ross, Clare Grannell, Kelly Howe and Helen Williams (They are a group of young women and are standing in front of the mural singing and signing True Colours by Cyndi Lauper) Don't be discouraged... I see your true colours shining through, I see your true colours, that's why I love you, so don't be afraid to ever show your true colours, true colours are beautiful like the rainbow.

(A crowd of people are looking at the mural and chatting.)

NEW SPEAKER; Chrysee Morrison (Chrysee is being interviewed about the opening. She has jaw length blonde hair and is wearing sunglasses) I thought it was great and it was really good to see the people who'd been involved in the project speaking about it with such passion really, I think he called it beautiful that guy Robin who was explaining it to us and it was very good to hear the people who'd been involved in the project speaking about it.

NEW SPEAKER; Pippa Goldfinger, Deputy Mayor of Frome (Pippa is a woman with short curly blonde hair and is being interviewed) Really nice event, nice to see people upon the stage in front of everyone gaining a bit of confidence in performing cos it's quite a challenge for most of us anyway, and I've spoken to some really interesting people, so it was a really lovely event.

NEW SPEAKER; Rebecca Gale (Rebecca is a young woman with brown hair tied back in a pony tail. She is wearing a black hooded sweatshirt) That picture is to do with happiness and being in a family, because I think it's really important to be with family and your friends because they're there to support you (images are shown of the mural, a person in a wheelchair and people standing and sitting doing things that make them feel happy, all inside a big heart) and they help you feel happy and free and they're there to help you have a good time.

(Interviewer) Do you like that fact your work is now up on display in a public place?
Rebecca Gale: Yes.
(Interviewer) Is that quite exciting?
Rebecca Gale: Yes.

The camera pans out to a shot of the whole mural and families walking by.

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