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The Mural
Creating the Mural
The Opening Event
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BRISTOL (2 murals - 2012 & 2021)
1. Mural with disabled asylum seekers 2012
2. Easton Mural, bringing together Deaf, Disabled and Asylum seeking people 2021

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The Mural
Creating the Mural
The Opening Event
What people said
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This page contains pictures of all the murals we have created. You can find out more about murals in each location on the Frome , Norwich, Bristol and London pages.

Click the pictures for a larger image.


This section of the mural shows blue sky, yellow sand and blue sea. On the left there is a big smiling face. In the middle there is the outline of a big red heart with four silhouettes of people inside holding their arms out towards each other. These people are clearly taken from photographs of real people. On the left of this there is a woman running on the beach, also taken from a photograph. On the right there is a smaller red silhouette of someone horse riding towards the outline of a house with four windows, a door and a garden path. In the sea there is a stick drawing of someone with long yellow hair.  There is another drawing of a person swimming and of a dolphin. This section is all on a pale blue background. At the top there is a silhouette of a bus. A dark blue silhouette of a driver wearing a cap stands next to the bus, with arm outstretched welcoming people on board. This figures stands on top of cloud with the word \'hopes\' written inside it. In the middle there are figures of a man, woman and child holding hands. Next to this is a purple figure singing in front of microphone. To the right there is a person playing drums. This one shows a simple line drawing on top of a silhouette of a real person. At the bottom there are multicoloured lines with circles on top. This section is against a grey background. On the left there is a picture of a hand and the word \'barriers\'.  Next to this there is a picture of bus crossed out, with a person standing at a bus stop looking down the road. At the bottom there is a man receiving wages with one hand and giving back his benefits with the other hand. Next to him there are symbols for male and female public toilets, with a wheelchair user crossed out. At the bottom right is a silhouette of a person crouched over with his hands over his ears. At the top right there is a woman with her hands over her face, next to her there is black silhouette with her back turned.


The mural is in three panels. On the right of the mural are the words \'Everyone\'s individual\'. Below this are dark blue silhouettes of a wheelchair user holding hands with someone standing up. Red hearts are above their heads. The middle panel has the letters \'DIS\' crossed out and beneath it the word \'ABLE\' written vertically down the outline of a person using crutches. On the left there is a blue silhouette of a wheelchair user pushing a pram. Underneath this is a picture of a globe with the words \'The world is my oyster\'.' This mural shows two white boards with round holes in, one is at the top, one at the bottom. The top board has several square pegs being pushed through the round holes. Each peg has a different message on them: \'stop hate crime\', \'do this, do that\', \'No, I know what I need\',  and a drawing of a large woman with a smaller woman drawn on top of her stomach. There is a blue hammer lying across the top board, on this is written \'social engineering services\'. There are three  images of the same person with crutches disappearing under the white board.  There are the words \'We\'re here whether you see us or not\'. Between the top board and the bottom board there is round bin, with the image of the Scream by the artist Munch inside it  a blue outline of a gaunt face with hands over the ears and mouth open. On the right are two images of the stone heads from Easter Island. Below this is a silhouette of someone walking with a stick in front of him in front of a line drawing of a figure in army uniform holding a gun and mine sweeper. Next to these figures are the words \'life is a minefield\'.'


The Bristol mural is painted in shades of orange, yellow and blue. On the left of the picture there is a woman in a wheelchair who is reaching forward, but her chair is held back with chains. Behind her are tall buildings, with a falling figure, and a parked police van. On the right of the picture there is a large image of the sun, with a couple sitting and enjoying a drink - however, in front of them are other silhouettes of people with their fingers in their ears, and in the foreground the large image of someone holding his head in his hands.


This mural has shades of blue along the top half and shades of green along the bottom half. There are many human silhouettes in shades of blue, green, yellow and red. Some figures are standing, others are sitting, some in wheelchairs, some on the grass, alone or in groups.  In one section a wheelchair user struggles to get on a bus. In another section one figure appears to be attacking another.  One figure has fallen with her walking frame beside her, another person is helping her up. The words We Are All Equal and Respect Rights are written in big letters.